Time to get angry

Why am I so angry sometimes?  Because you’re not.  The sooner you get that way, the better off we’ll all be.

Do you know why you’re so apathetic?  Because your life is too easy.  You don’t have to do physical labor for what you earn.  Oil energy takes the place of the sweat energy folks used to use to make a living.

Get off your lazy ass and walk the 2 blocks to the pharmacy – it won’t kill you, and it might do the opposite.

Today I took a 2 mile hike up a mountainside and back down.  The view I saw is one not seen in Southwest Florida.  The landscape was so untouched…

I actually felt hopeful.  Someone built a large number of cairns near the mountaintop lookout… a virtual cairn city.  It was quite impressive and surprising to stumble upon.

A mountain top in Vermont

Ironically my life seems lazier in Vermont than Florida because I don’t have the convenience of my bicycle, scooter or bus system here.  Things are further apart also, therefore I have to rely a great deal on passenger vehicle transportation – my least favorite kind.  Worse, it’s a massive, gas-guzzling pickup truck.  The horror.

Don’t stick your head in the sand. It’s time to get angry about the problems in the world, and take action.

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