The self proclaimed feminist

I think a true feminist probably does not refer to herself as a feminist. I think she just “is” one. I remember meeting a young college-girl in a London hostel back in 2002. The sure sign of a “feminist” is her enrollment in “Women’s Studies” courses at college. I’m not sure exactly what you do with your knowledge of women’s studies, other than teaching women’s studies to others. Regardless, Liz was a self proclaimed feminist.

One night, Liz and I went to the Skanky Hostel Bar, as I so adoringly referred to it. At this point, I was 29 and had been drinking in bars for much longer than I care to admit. I was somewhat of an expert by that point. Liz must’ve been between 20-22 years old. Shortly after we sat down, Liz saw two unsuspecting males and we decided to chat them up. Almost immediately, Liz started unabashedly asking if her guy would buy her a drink. So, that is what her idea of feminism was? I thought the feminist attitude was that we do not need men to buy our drinks because we can buy our own drinks.

My guy was 21… 8 years my younger! But he seemed very interesting, so I asked him all about himself. They were both students at Penn State, etc, etc. After a while of talking, my guy asked ME if I would like him to buy me a drink. That was the different between Liz and I. I was interesting and men wanted to buy me drinks to extend our conversation, and she thought she was somehow entitled to her drink.

I know what you’re thinking – men buy you drinks because they want to have “relations” with you. Well, to some extent that is true. Men often buy drinks for women they find attractive because they think there is some relational probability that you will sleep with them. Thus, if you were going to claim to be a true feminist, you would neither ask for a drink nor accept one – you would buy your own.

My point for writing this post was really to point out that women who consider themselves feminists should be very interested in homesteading and self-sufficiency. It puts people on a more even playing field and reduces our dependence on big corporations, many of which are run by “evil” men. Why let someone (“the man”) dictate the price of your food when you can grow your own? Many self-proclaimed feminists are giving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to designers who con them into “needing” their clothes. Things like that are all illusion. Design your own clothes! You’ll never see anyone else wearing them.

Think about it, ladies. If feminism = freedom from oppression, then start taking matters into your own hands and stop being a slave to fashion, corporations, the media and your own fears.

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