Adventures in Permaculture: Day 16

About every fourth night or so, I’m so exhausted that I actually get a decent night’s sleep.  Last night was that night, and I’m very thankful for that.  Today wasn’t too bad because we had field trips.  First, we went to SeQuential BioFuels, which is a gas station that sells solely bio-diesel and ethanol fuels.  Their story is an interesting one that includes taking on the big oil companies and winning.  Their gas station store sells healthy/organic snacks and has a green roof.  Their pumps are shaded with solar arrays, and they went to great lengths to clean up the site where the station is located.


Then we went to Lost Valley Educational Center, which is an intentional community in Dexter, Oregon – a very rural setting.  Unfortunately, the rain and cold rendered the trip rather completely unenjoyable.  (Have I mentioned that I could never live here because the weather is so damn depressing?)

Permaculture in the rain

We basically walked around in the rain and mud for 45 minutes.  They had some cool features, but I was simply unable to appreciate them given the weather conditions.  On top of that, we were slated to do a work project while there, and, thankfully, our fearless leader insisted that we NOT do the project due to the conditions.  I was quite pleased and impressed with the fatherly stand he took for us as the folks at Lost Valley were less than pleased with his decision.  I felt bad that we didn’t have better weather for the tour.

Cordwood sauna at Lost ValleyWe had brought our lunch with us and had intended to make and eat it there, but with the weather, the program leader decided it was best if we just went back to the course site to eat.  We all agreed.  However, on the way home, he surprised us with a stop at Cafe Yumm.  (The name is funny because before each meal, we “introduce” the meal, give thanks for it and then rub our bellies while saying “yum, yum, yum, yum, yum”)  It was such a nice treat, and the food was delicious!  I got a salmon burger and some soup.  Everyone was SO happy when we left there!  And especially the cooking crew!

Then, because we ate lunch so late, we didn’t really cook dinner either.  A bunch of us girls took a desperately needed nap when we got back.  Then we spent a few hours working on our final projects for the program.

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