Bearing witness to an early spring

Today is March 3, 2012.  I heard geese overhead yesterday, making an early return to the north.  Surely the sparkling ice-free ponds are beckoning them to return.  Buds are on the trees, and sap is running.  The temperature today will hit 55 degrees.  Tomorrow it will hit 65 degrees.  The historical average temperature for today and tomorrow is 40 degrees.  There is hardly any snow on the ground today.  Mud season has already arrived.  My dad said there are an abundant number of skunks around, whereas they are normally still hibernating at this point.

Our sleepy state relies on snow for a good portion of her economy.  When it doesn’t fall, we lose out.  But it’s not just the ski areas and storefronts that suffer.  This winter is a financial disaster for Vermont.  But it’s not the first in the last 12 months.  This wimpy winter comes on the heels of Hurricane Irene, barely 6 months earlier.  Perhaps you’re thinking the gods were giving us a break so we’d have more of a chance to clean up from their last party, but depriving Vermont of snow is not doing it any favors.



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