Van Travel Minivan RV powered sink

Water in a minivan RV

Hurricane season is dwindling down in Florida, and I was gone for most of it. Nevertheless, I’ve spent many hours over the last few weeks going over my emergency supplies and accompanying lists. Now that I have my minivan RV, many of my hurricane supplies double as camping supplies. Many people with minivan RV’s convert…

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Van Travel Ford Transit Connect RV conversion

Minivan RV build-out

As I mentioned, I bought a bigger vehicle with the specific intention of adding some sort of camping/sleeping structure to it. I spent a lot of time looking at photos of home-made and pre-built minivan RV builds online, mostly in the Facebook groups to which I belong. There are several companies (mostly in Europe) that make…

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Van Travel 2014 Ford Transit Connect wagon from CarMax

Adventure Awaits: Minivan RV

I have spent the last 5 years in pain. It’s been a long five years. Around the time I was 40, I mysteriously started getting migraines and severe tension headaches. They steadily increased in frequency until, at one point, I was having them almost half the days of the month. A lot of things go…

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Minimalism Hurricane Irma evacuation supplies

Itemized Emergency Supply List

I’ve gotten several requests to itemize my emergency supplies, so that’s what this post will do. I am what you would call a “preparer.” I like to have supplies on hand in case of emergencies. I’m not as extreme as a “prepper”, especially since I have limited space in my 500 square foot apartment to…

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Minimalism Minimalist guide to emergency preparedness

Minimalist guide to emergency preparedness

I did no editing of this video, and I have no shame about it, so don’t even go there. It’s a bit long, but there’s some interesting stuff in there. I take emergency preparedness seriously. I hope you find my finger tic entertaining. Behold… A few things to add to this: My car is a…

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Minimalism Traveling light to Havana Cuba

Traveling Light: What I Learned

Many of you read my Traveling Light post wherein I talked about my new system of packing for 5-day trips. After taking my first trip, I came away with some thoughts. First, the new backpack suitcase bag was fantastic quality. The compression straps were great to have, and the bag carried comfortably. It was so…

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Urban Travel Neighborhood life in Havana

Five Days in Havana: Part Four

This post will be the last in my Havana series. In it, I’ll discuss my observations of life in Havana and Cuba. Entry Customs in Cuba was a breeze, but once through, the airport was chaotic. Customs deposits you outside where loads of people line up to greet their loved ones upon arrival. I was…

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Urban Travel Scary sculpture in Havana

Five Days in Havana: Part Three

In this post, I’ll discuss public art in Havana, Cuba. If you’re visiting this post on your cell phone coming from Facebook, be sure to swipe left through photo groups when you see the bouncing right-facing arrow. Public Art in Havana If you read my last post, you can imagine that there isn’t much “official”…

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Urban Travel Public spaces in Havana Cuba

Five Days in Havana: Part Two

In this post, I will examine the public spaces in Havana, Cuba. Public Spaces Communism is a very utilitarian form of government. The dictionary definition of communism is “a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and…

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Urban Travel Beautiful buildings in Havana

Five Days in Havana: Part One

When I travel, my goal is to wander aimlessly in a city to see how the local people live. Since I’m an urban planning wonk and this blog is about urban living, that’s what I focus on in my travel blogs. This post is the first in a series about my trip to Havana, Cuba.…

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Minimalism Minimalist travel

Traveling Light

As a minimalist, I always aim for traveling light. I try not to produce much waste on my journey. I bring my own refillable water bottle and reduce my footprint whenever possible. But for my upcoming 5-day trip out of the country, I also wanted to avoid being burdened down with a lot of “stuff.”…

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Minimalism Things I thought I couldn't live without

Things I Thought I Couldn’t Live Without (But Now Do)

Humans have a habit of getting into habits. We often mindlessly continue to do something, sometimes out of sheer laziness toward investigating other options. Last year I analyzed some of these habits and discovered some very interesting things. It turns out that I was wrong about the things I thought I couldn’t live without. The Night…

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Minimalism Addicted to luxury

Addicted to comfort

This morning, I got an email from Indiegogo. It’s their regularly scheduled email filled with the latest and greatest campaigns people are raising money for. As I scrolled down the list of fabulous gadgets, I was reminded that people have become addicted to comfort. The first item I noticed was a key chain. As its Indiegogo…

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Minimalism Lightness of minimalism

Bearable Lightness

I just finished reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, and WOW! There was so much in those pages I could relate to. The book is mostly about relationships and the accompanying burdens. The people in the story who got out of serous relationships experienced the greatest feeling of lightness. They no longer felt they…

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Human Connections Taking social risk

Taking social risks

Many things I do are cause for great consternation among my family members. For example going to Europe by myself for several months, voluntarily giving up owning a car for several years and online dating. I have always loved people, and I have never been afraid of taking social risks or interacting with people I…

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