Car-free Lifestyle

Sick in the city (without a car)

When you don’t own a car, getting sick can be a hassle. Your doctor might be several miles away, and you don’t want the expense of going to the ER (if that happens to be closer). Usually this means, you take a “wait and see” approach to most illnesses. While the average person might rush to…

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17 Reasons Why Not Owning a Car is Amazeballs

Here are some great reasons why not owning a car is amazing: 1. That car alarm that’s going off right now? Not mine. 2. No need to worry about endless loops around the block trying to find a parking space near my apartment. 3. No car payment. 4. No car insurance payment. 5. No time…

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Create your own urban mayhem

Are you looking for ways to engage with your community? Or are you just wanting to see if people in your area are doing more than drifting through their days staring at their phones? Why not post your own mischievous and uplifting signs in your neighborhood! If you join the Urban Mayhem Project email list, you’ll…

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Taking the bus isn’t scary

There is a phenomena in this country that baffles me. If you live in New York City, you take public transportation all the time. Mostly the subway, but also other trains, buses, taxis, etc. I’m guessing the main idea behind doing this is that it would take you longer to reach your destination and be…

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Why you should charge what you’re worth

Charging what you’re worth doesn’t just achieve the obvious goal of helping you make a decent living. It also helps your peers in similar professions. I moved to a new town a few years ago and followed the link on a website to find out who built it. It was a great looking website, and…

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Car-free Lifestyle The speed of life

The speed of life

I have noticed something interesting since returning to a car-free lifestyle. I don’t enjoy being on highways as much as I once did. They make me nervous, and I wonder how all those speeding missiles manage to avoid each other as they maneuver (sometimes erratically) between the narrow lanes. My mother doesn’t like highways either.…

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Urban Mayhem Project Urban Gardener - Weird neighbor

I’m that weird neighbor

I live in a two-story building that contains 19 studio apartments ranging from 200-400 square feet. The majority of the tenants are very young, lured by the inexpensive rent and proximity to downtown. They all seem like nice kids, and they spend a lot of time on the front porch. I don’t spend time on…

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Solo(preneur) Generation X is broke

What’s going to happen to my generation?

I was chatting with an older associate yesterday who spoke of his upcoming retirement adventures. He said he was excited at the opportunity, which was provided to him, in part, by his good fortune to have invested in Apple when it was a young company. This was the second person I had recently heard about…

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Urban Mayhem Project Free hugs in St. Petersburg, Florida

Everyone can use a hug

A video was recently making the rounds on Facebook of a young man who stood on the street blindfolded with a sign that said, “I trust you. Do you trust me? Hug me.” It was overlaid with heartwarming music and was, as a whole, a very touching video. It showed that human beings are, in…

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Urban Mayhem Project

Urban mayhem

You might ask yourself what type of urban mayhem I create. This is a valid question, and I’d like to explain to you what kind of a mischievous dork I am. But first, let me tell you why I do it. It’s pretty simple actually: it makes me feel good. And it makes other people…

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Car-free Lifestyle New Year's Eve 2014 in St. Pete FL

New Years in the city

One of my absolute favorite parts of living in a city without a car is that I don’t have to worry about parking. Parking is the bane of my existence. While I understand the concept of parallel parking, I’ve never actually done it successfully. In fact, I failed my first driving test because I scraped…

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