Permaculture Design Course Assessment

So, what did I really think of this permaculture design course? Well, as you could tell, it was very intensive. Honestly, I would’ve retained more info if it had been 8 hours a day, instead of 13. I was so tired at the end of every day simply from being “on” all day that the last session was often completely wasted on me.

The lodging was actually not bad. I just happen to be unable to sleep on futons, especially hard ones. Others did not have quite as much trouble as me. Although, to be fair, I’m not sure I could’ve slept in one of the “rabbit’s nests” that most of the others slept in as they were very small. They were basically tiny compartments made out of the sloping eaves of each side of the roof. I tend to like to be out in the open more than that.

I did not seem to mind at all sharing sleeping space with 7 other people. Of course, these 7 people happened to be very polite and personable. Had the group been composed otherwise, I might not have had such an easy time. But that is par for the course with these types of situations. I definitely lucked out.

The food was not entirely bad – it just got really boring. Some whole wheat bread would’ve been much appreciated, along with a toaster. Truth be told, however, even though I ate almost entirely from the prescribed menu for the entire first week, I wasn’t really having healthy bowel movements. There was obviously something missing from my diet.

As for the content of the course, it was excellent. Larry Korn is a pretty cool individual. What I liked most about him was that he was non-judgmental. He accepted people’s differences and knew that everyone was at a different level with different interests and intentions. Our other teachers, with few exceptions, had a lot of really interesting things to say and personal experiences to share. Our field trips demonstrated great examples of how people are choosing to live their lives in a more meaningful and purposeful way.

The place we stayed, Dharmalaya, is a beautiful property owned by two very cool people. Their straw bale meeting facility is beautiful and inspiring. The grounds are lovely, and I felt bad that we were there in the spring mucking it up with our constant traipsing around.

Although we often got frustrated with the leader of the course, he had a tremendous job to do, and I feel he did it with all his effort. There are certainly some things I might suggest to adjust, but it was obvious that the course was as rigorous on him as it was on us, which was comforting.

My fellow classmates and I truly arrived there as strangers and left as comrades, and this could only have been accomplished through careful planning and thoughtfulness. We are now living proof that a group of diverse individuals with completely different experiences can work together toward a common goal and become a functioning unit. Proof that permaculture works!

If you’re at all interested in this course, please contact me for more information. If nothing else, getting out of your comfort zone and thinking about some pretty deep things is a great way to get you back on a conscientious pathway in life.

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