Rutland winter farmers market

Local food

Today I went to the second weekend of the winter farmers’ market in Rutland.  It was fabulous!  I bought some huge kale from Radical Roots Farm, some green tomatoes from another local farm, applesauce from Yoder Farm that probably contained apples from about 100 yards from my house, and rice – YES RICE – that was grown in the little town where I grew up.  Local food doesn’t get much more local than that!  I also got lunch at the market – a cheese enchilada, some Mexican green rice and falafel.  I checked out Gabriella Morillo’s colorful handmade wrist warmers and plan to buy at least one pair as a holiday gift.  I also think I’ll need to get the ingredients to make mulled wine from Kate at the Putney Mountain Vineyard.stand before the holidays.  So many wonderful things to discover at the farmers’ market!

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