Rutland's new neighborhood

The best neighborhood in Rutland

Yesterday I walked around what will soon be the best neighborhood in Rutland – the Northwest neighborhood.  It was the perfect day for a walk – sunny and a balmy 48 degrees.  I had the great company of my friend Elizabeth, and we toured almost the entire neighborhood.  I was struck by some of the regal old buildings hidden away on side streets.  We saw the community garden, an adorable little store and loads of potential!  Here are some photos.

Rutland city
A gorgeous duplex
Rutland city garden
A giant garden in the middle of the city
Rutland Vermont city
I think this place might be haunted
Rutland City
Maple Village – A National Church Residence – apparently providing low income housing for seniors
Rutland Vermont
Amazing house! Anyone know the story behind it?
Rutland Northwest
Surely they’re cleaning out so as to beautify the neighborhood
Rutland marble
The iconic marble steps in front of Rutland homes
Rutland crime
Neighbors taking a stand
Rutland gardens
The community garden
Rutland Vermont solar
Rooftop solar!
Rutland Vermont
Great potential
Rutland Vermont streets
Giant potential!

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